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Few-body Physics in Cold Atomic Gases

Since the beginning of the research on ultracold atoms, its rapid development has benefited a lot from the understanding of few-body properties. While the investigation on few-body scattering processes plays an important role in engineering the effective scattering between atoms and molecules, the exact solutions of few-body problems provide valuable indications on the many-body properties in strongly interacting systems.

With these exciting developments, we will organize the first international conference on " Few-body Physics in Cold Atomic Gases ". This conference will bring together about 20 active researchers in few-body problems in cold atomic gases to present recent progresses in this direction, and to discuss future developments and opportunities. Topics will include (but not limited to):

l Two-body problems under various circumstances;

l New developments with Efimov physics and few-body clusters;

l Few-body problems with dipolar molecules;

l Universal relations and connection between few- and many-body physics.

This conference is organized by Physics Department of Renmin University of China and Institute for Advanced Study of Tsinghua University. Prof. Eric Braaten from Ohio State University, Prof. Rudy Grimm from Innsbruck and Prof. Masahito Ueda from University of Tokyo serve as international organizers. The conference will take place on April 11-14 of 2013 in Beijing.

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