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Few-and Many-Body Physics in Quantum Liquids and Gases

The rapid experimental progress in the field of ultracold atoms has attracted a diverse group of physicists from areas ranging from atomic physics to condensed matter physics to nuclear and particle physics. This one-month interdisciplinary program on the few- and many-body physics of quantum gases and liquids, which is jointly sponsored by INT and ITAMP, aims at stimulating the interactions between the different communities active in this field. We will cover a broad range of topics of current interest, including

  • ULTRACOLD BOSONS (Bose-Einstein condensates, BEC phase transition, vortex lattices, rapidly-rotating condensates, ...)
  • ULTRACOLD FERMIONS (Fermi liquids, superfluidity phase transition, exotic pairing mechanisms,...)
  • FEW-BODY ASPECTS (large scattering length, Feshbach resonances, universality, Efimov states, atom loss processes, ...)
  • MANY-BODY ASPECTS (low-density and low-temperature expansions, resonant or unitary limit, molecular condensates, quantum phase transitions, ...)
  • THEORETICAL AND COMPUTATIONAL METHODS (generalized mean-field methods, hyperspherical methods, effective field theory, quantum Monte Carlo techniques,...)