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June 18, 2018

Exploring Nuclear Physics with Ultracold Atoms

This workshop will address the question of how 'quantum simulation' experiments using cold atoms can constrain nuclear many-body theory. Specifically, cold atoms can be used to learn about low-density neutron matter, the effect of spin-orbit coupling on correlations, nuclear pasta, and Efimov physics, among a family of related topics. By bringing together several leading cold-atom experimentalists as well as theorists at the interface of atomic and nuclear physics, this workshop will contribute toward closer contacts between the two communities, as well as the proposal of future experiments. More generally, this meeting aims to highlight that, for nuclear physics, cold atoms are 'good to think with'.

Invited speakers include

  • Yoram Alhassid (Yale)
  • Waseem Bakr (Princeton)
  • Doerte Blume (Oklahoma)
  • Aurel Bulgac (Washington)
  • Joe Carlson (Los Alamos)
  • Munekazu Horikoshi (Tokyo)
  • Selim Jochim (Heidelberg)
  • Denis Lacroix (IPN Orsay)
  • Henning Moritz (Hamburg)
  • Nir Navon (Yale)
  • Amy Nicholson (North Carolina)
  • Carlos Sa De Melo (Georgia Tech)
  • Thomas Schaefer (North Carolina State)
  • Sandro Stringari (Trento)
  • John Thomas (North Carolina State)
  • Michael Urban (IPN Orsay)
  • Bira van Kolck (IPN Orsay/Arizona)