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Eurasia-Pacific Summer School and Conference on Strongly Correlated Electrons

This summer school and the follow-up workshop are jointly organized by ITAP, Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP) and Academia Sinica (Taiwan) and planned to be the continuation of the 2011 Eurasia-Pacific meeting. The main themes are Superconductivity (cuprates, iron-based compounds, heavy fermions), Topological insulators and quantum spin Hall effects, Graphene & carbon nanotubes, Fractional quantum Hall; bilayers; two-dimensional electron liquids at oxide interfaces, Magnetic manganites & cobaltites, etc. The seven-day school part, is designed for training young researchers on the advances in these fields and is followed up by a four day international workshop. This summer school/workshop is planned to internationally rotate within the supporting organizations starting from 2013.