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Collective Phenomena: From Out-of-Equilibrium Many-Body States to Bosonic Codes and Dynamical Gauge Fields

The workshop aims at bringing together leading experimentalists and theorists working on collective phenomena in cold atoms, nonlinear optics, and circuit quantum electrodynamics. These phenomena stem from the interplay between quantum many-body interactions, topological order, as well as with dissipation and drives. As such, the envisioned topics span across Non-Equilibrium Phenomena, Statistical Physics, and Quantum Information. We hope that our workshop will provide a setting for a fruitful exchange between various fields and the opportunity for creative new ideas.

Organising committee:

o     Kilian Seibold (University of Konstanz)

o     Javier del Pino (University of Konstanz)

o     Monika Aidelsburger (MPQ & LMU)

o     Oded Zilberberg (University of Konstanz).