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Correlations and Entanglement in and out of Equilibrium: From Cold Atoms to Electrons

The workshop aims to bring together leading theoretical and experimental experts from across different subfields of this endeavor. The ultimate goal is to consolidate and deepen the understanding of new concepts in correlated quantum matter in- and out-of-equilibrium. The workshop will identify new research directions directed towards answering fundamental questions that previously eluded systematic treatment: (1) How do correlations build-up as one goes from the few- to the many-particle regime? (2) What are the basic mechanisms that govern thermalization in a closed quantum system, and what are their possible modes of failure? (3) What is the nature of the transition from a non-ergodic (e.g. many-body localized) quantum state to an ergodic fluid? (4) What new phenomena emerge when we combine strong interactions with non-trivial topological band structures? (5) What new states of matter, with no equilibrium counterpart, are established in driven systems?

The deadline for applications is 31 January 2017: