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Control of quantum correlations in tailored matter: Common perspectives of mesoscopic systems and quantum gases

Over the last years, rapid progress has been made in the ability to control quantum gases as interacting quantum matter in well defined geometries at ultra-low temperatures. On the other hand, mesoscopic systems and devices show in many respects very similar behaviour. Therefore it is the goal of this conference to discuss the physics which is common to mesoscopic systems and quantum gases to improve our understanding of quantum matter and transfer the progress on quantum control into material science. The following topics will be covered at this conference:

  • Physics of condensed matter in ultracold atom gases.
  • Quantum phenomena in interacting dipolar or Rydberg gases.
  • Kondo physics in mesoscopic systems.
  • Optics with quantum dots and quantum dot molecules.
  • Microscopic ion and atom traps.
  • Decoherence and non-equilibrium effects in correlated quantum systems.
  • Superconducting quantum devices.