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ColdBeams — Conference on ultracold ion and electron beams

ColdBeams 2017 aims to present a platform to discuss and take stock of new developments in atom, electron and ion sources with an emphasis on, but not limited to, laser-cooled sources. ColdBeams 2017 is the second conference in this series after the successful meeting in France in Nîmes in 2012. The conference intends to connect academic researchers with industrial and commercial partners to explore applications in imaging, microscopy, spectroscopy, nanofabricaton and other fields. Both fundamental and technological aspects related to ultracold and other novel particle beams will be discussed. The ultimate goal is to advance the state-of-the-art in particle sources and applications by fostering collaboration and knowledge transfer.

Topics: ultracold, laser cooling, photo-ionization, FIB, SEM, TEM, electron, ion, atom, beam, focused ion beam, electron beam, nanotechnology, Rydberg atoms