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CEWQO 2007 - Central European Workshop on Quantum Optics

The Central European Workshop on Quantum Optics (CEWQO) is a series of conferences that in the last fifteen years has gathered scientists not only from the Central Europe, but also from the entire Europe and even from non european countries. These meetings mainly focus on quantum optics dealing with topics which go from quantum computing and information to open quantum systems, atoms in strong electromagnetic fields and so on.

Main topics of the 14th CEWQO:
  • Quantum Optics
  • Quantum Computing and Information Theory
  • Open Quantum Systems
  • Atoms in Strong Fields
  • Quantum Vacuum
  • Bose-Einstein Condensation
  • Cavity and Circuit QED
  • Trapped Ions
  • Quantum Optics in Condensed Matter Systems
  • Quantum Optics with Neutrons, Atoms, Molecules and Macromolecules

The 14th edition of CEWQO will be held in Palermo, at the hotel Grand Hotel et Des Palmes a beautiful building placed in the very center of the city, from 1 to 5 June 2007.


Pre-registration: 31 January 2007
Complete registration: 31 March 2007