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CEWQO 2006 - 13th Central European Workshop on Quantum Optics

The Central-European Workshop on Quantum Optics is a series of high level workshops in the field of quantum optics. Quantum optics is a very topical field since it connects fundamental physics aspects with applications like quantum cryptography, quantum computation etc. Contributions to quantum optics with photons, neutrons, atoms, molecules and macromolecules will be discussed. Co-operations between different laboratories and joint applications to the European Funding Organizations will be a by-product to this meeting. The Scientific Advisory Board consists of 18 members from different CEI countries. About 100 participants from European countries are expected to attend where about 70 are expected from CEI countries. Previous workshops in this series have been taken place in: Ankara (2005), Trieste (2004), Rostok (2003), Szeged (2002), Prague (2001), Balatonfüred (2000), Chudoblin (1999), Prag (1996), Budmerice (1995), Budapest (1994), Bratislava (1993).

The deadline for registration is February 1, 2006