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CDAMOP 2006 - Current Developments in AMO Physics with applications

The 2nd International conference on current developments in atomic, molecular and optical physics (CDAMOP) is aimed at experimental and theoretical studies with applications of the fundamental properties of atoms, ions and molecules and the interactions between electrons, photons and ions in collisions with atoms, molecules and surfaces.

Topics of interest in the conference include: Atoms and Molecules in intense Electromagnetic fields, Laser cooling, trapping and Bose-Einstein condensation, High precision and Ultracold phenomena, Atoms optics and its application in lithography (fabricating nanostructures), Coherent processes in highly excited atoms, High harmonic generation and applications, Coherent optical phenomena, Attosecond and Ultrashort pulses and their applications, Reaction dynamics using ultrafast techniques, Surface interactions with photons, electrons, ions, atoms, molecules, Quantum optics and its applications to Mesoscopic systems, Photonic crystals, Advanced spectroscopies with new light sources.

Important Dates:

  • Submission of Abstracts: November 15, 2005
  • Acceptance of Paper: November 30, 2005
  • Submission of Full Length Paper: December 15, 2005
  • Registration Cut off Date: November 30, 2005