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Bose-Einstein Condensation 2009 - Frontiers in Quantum Gases

  • Fermi and Bose gases; multicomponent mixtures
  • Molecular Quantum Gases
  • Dipolar Quantum Gases
  • Alkaline-Earth Systems
  • Optical lattices
  • Disordered systems
  • Theory of cold quantum gases and interface with theoretical condensed matter physics
  • Quantum magnetism
  • Quantum Gases in Low Dimensions
  • Non-Equilibrium Phenomena
  • Spin Squeezing, Number Squeezing
  • Coupling of Degenerate Gases to Mesoscopic Systems
  • Cavity Opto-Mechanics
  • Cavity QED with BECs
  • Topological and Exotic Phases
  • Quantum Simulations
  • Quantum Computing and Quantum Information
  • Joint theory session with the "Satellite Workshop on Lattice Gauge Theory meets cold atoms" (to be announced)