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Scope of the conference

Following the first edition in 2015, the goal of the workshop is to follow up visions and opportunities in Atomtronics: Atomic quantum matter, like Bose-Einstein condensates, manipulated in electric, magnetic, or optical circuits of very different spatial shapes and intensity. We intend to bring together experimentalists and theorists active in the field. Conceptual and applicative aspects of atomic circuits for diverse exploitations will be covered, both to extend the scope of the existing atom-based quantum devices and to devise platforms for new routes to quantum technology (quantum information, quantum simulation, quantum metrology, etc.)


The Benasque workshop will offer two-three seminars per day from the invited speakers. Working groups, self-organized and chaired discussions are a part of the Benasque Center working mode and will be encouraged. Offices/desk space will be available for the participants upon request. A poster session will be also organized.

Confirmed Invited speakers

- Veronica Ahufinger UAB (Spain)
- Dana Z. Anderson, JILA (USA)
- Natan Andrei, Rutgers (USA)
- Aidan Arnold, Univ. Strathclyde (UK)
- Mikhail Baranov, Innsbruck (Austria)
- Jerome Beugnon, LKB (France)
- Jean-Philippe Brantut, ETH (Switzerland)
- Alessia Burchianti, INO-CNR & LENS (Italy)
- Charles Clark, NIST (USA)
- Adolfo del Campo, UMass (USA)
- Alessio Celi, ICFO (Spain)
- Rainer Dumke, CQT (Singapore)
- Mark Edwards, Georgia South. Univ. (USA)
- Denis Feinberg, Neel (France)
- Thomas Fernholz, Nottingham (UK)
- Alexander Fetter, Stanford (USA)
- Ron Folman, Ben Gurion (Israel)
- Jozsef Fortagh, Tuebingen (Germany)
- Simon Gardiner, Durham (UK)
- Barry Garraway, Sussex (UK)
- Nathan Goldman, ULB (Belgium)
- David Guéry-Odelin, Toulouse (France)
- Frank Hekking, Grenoble (France)
- Vanja Dunjko, UMass (USA)
- Helene Perrin , LPL (France)
- Nick Proukakis, JQC (UK)
- Matteo Rizzi, Mainz Univ. (Germany)
- Joerg Schmeidmayer (TU-Wien) (Austria)
- Sandro Stringari, Trento (Italy)
- Reinhold Walser, Darmstadt (Germany)
- Wolf von Klitzing , Crete Univ. (Greece)