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Atom Lasers

This will be the first conference devoted to atom lasers and their future application, providing new fundamental insights and experimental realizations of concepts in atom optics. This conference will bring together key researchers from across the world to discuss the latest results in areas such as: Atom optics with coherent matter waves Atom lasers production and properties CW atom lasers Quantum propagation properties of coherent atom beams Atom lasers and integrated atom optics Beyond atomic physics with coherent atomic beams Precision measurement with atom laser sources

This one-week conference at les Houches will be organized with 8 to 10 tutorial lectures of 1h30 (2 each morning), followed by three to five half hour talks in the afternoon. We plan to have few invited half hour contribution with a majority of contributions. These contributions will be supplemented by a poster session allowing open discussion. In addition to the invited speakers (about 1/3 of the audience), we plan to have a majority of young scientists and PhD students involved in this emerging field.

Organizing comittee:
J. Close (Canberra)
P. Bouyer (Institut d'Optique)
D. Guery-Odelin (Toulouse)
Scientific Committee:
T. Esslinger
A. Aspect