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2012 Gordon Research Conference on Electronic Spectroscopy and Dynamics

The GRC on Electronic Spectroscopy & Dynamics showcases some of the most recent and influential experimental and theoretical developments in electronic spectroscopy. Electronic spectroscopy is a venerable, yet constantly evolving discipline used to reveal the structure and dynamics of isolated molecules, bulk materials, and molecules embedded in clusters and condensed phases. Electronic spectroscopy is an important tool in many fields of research, and this GRC brings together experts with diverse backgrounds in physics, chemistry, biophysics, and materials science, making the meeting an excellent opportunity for the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and techniques by those who share a common interest in electronic structure and dynamics and who speak the common language of spectroscopy. Topics covered in this GRC include high-resolution spectroscopy, coherent electronic energy transport in biology, excited state theory and dynamics, excitonics, electronic spectroscopy of cold and ultracold molecules, and the spectroscopy of nanostructures. Several sessions will highlight innovative techniques such as time-resolved x-ray spectroscopy, frequency combs, and liquid microjet photoelectron spectroscopy that have forged stimulating new connections between gas-phase and condensed-phase work. Active participation of postdoctoral researchers and graduate students is strongly encouraged through registration fellowships.