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The UltraCold Atoms News (UCAN) site is a community resource for researchers working in the field of quantum degenerate gases (ie, cold quantum gases). Reports of Bose-Einstein Condensation (BEC) and Fermi Degenerate Gases (FDG) observations are submitted by researchers. In this way we hope to continue the tradition of the Georgia Southern University (GSU) BEC Homepage, expect extended to include Fermi gases, molecular condensates, and Fermi condensates in the BEC/BCS crossover. The site also maintains a list of research groups active in the field, job postings, and conference listings.

This site was inspired by the GSU BEC Homepage. From 1997 to 2002, Charles Clark and Mark Edwards collected informal reports of BEC observations, documenting the emergence of the new field of cold atoms. This is still a useful function of this site, especially for new groups seeing BEC or DFG in their lab for the first time. As the field has matured however, our most active page page has become conferences: announcements for over two hundred meetings have been listed here. If you know of an upcoming cold atoms conference that is missing, either post it or let us know.

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Anastasia Danilova, Joseph H. Thywissen


We would like to thank Steven Butterworth and Julian Comanean for their help and support in creating this website.

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