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Postdoctoral positions in the field of ultracold atomic gases and nuclear theory

position expired
Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology
Nuclear Theory Group invites applications to fill one or two postdoc positions. Applicants for these positions must have a Ph.D. degree, or foreign equivalent, and a strong record of published research in nuclear or condensed matter theory. We are looking for a candidate with knowledge of methods of many body quantum mechanics and possessing programming skills in Fortran and C. Knowledge of MPI and CUDA is an advantage. The successful candidate will be working on the description of nonequilibrium phenomena in superfluid Fermi systems, which include: dynamics of quantum atomic gases (vortex and soliton dynamics, quantum turbulence) and/or low energy nuclear reactions (fission, fusion, applications to neutron stars), within the framework of the density functional theory, in particular its time dependent version. As a result we expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of a great variety of nonequilibrium processes in superfluid systems and we will probe the advantages and limitations of time dependent DFT description of superfluid Fermi systems. The currently existing codes, developed by our group are optimized, parallelized and ready to use on CPU supercomputers like e.g. Titan. Another versions are being currently optimized for hybrid architectures (consisting of both GPUs and CPUs) and the candidate may also be partly involved in the software development. The successful candidate will be employed as a research assistant professor within the project: Nonequilibrium processes in superfluid Fermi systems: atomic nuclei and quantum gases or project: SARFEN ("Structure And Reactions For Exotic Nuclei"), for a minimum period 1 year, which can be extended to 4 years. The applications including CV, publication list and research statement should be submitted to ntg @ if . pw . edu . pl. Please include the subject 'postdoc' in your email. For more information contact Piotr Magierski, email: piotrm @ uw . edu