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Nonlinear Physics at the Nanoscale: A Cross-Fertilization on Stochastic Methods II

Coherent quantum dynamics is heavily influenced by interactions and fluctuations, e.g. in quantum optics, ultracold atomic gases, and polariton condensates. We will cross-fertilize the use of stochastic methods for open quantum systems, many-body quantum dynamics and driven quantum systems in and out of equilibrium. This meeting is the return part of a Tandem Event within the program of Exploratory Tandem Workshops MPIPKS (Dresden) – NZIAS (Auckland). For program details see

There is a limited number of places available for contributed talks and posters. Applications are invited by abstract submission through the conference web site at Applications received before 30 November 2014 will be considered preferentially.

Tutorial lectures
*A. Bradley (NZ)
*A. Daley (UK)
*H. Wiseman (AU)

Invited speakers
*B. Altshuler (US)
*H. Carmichael (NZ)
*C. De Grandi (US)
*S. Denisov (DE)
*P. Drummond (AU)
*O. Fialko (NZ)
*M. Ivanchenko (RU)
*K. Kheruntsyan (AU)
*T. Liew (SG)
*H. Ott (DE)
*T. Pohl (DE)
*J. Schmiedmayer (AT)
*J. Sirker (CA)
*D. Snoke (US)
*M. Weitz (DE)
*T. Wright (AU)
*Y. Yamamoto (US)

Scientific coordinators
Joachim Brand (NZ) Michael Fleischhauer (DE) Sergej Flach (NZ)

Vesna Davidovich-Alexander (NZ)