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A Spanish BEC

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First observation: BEC!

Group: Tarruell

Authors and contributors: Pierrick Cheiney, C├ęsar Cabrera, Luca Tanzi, Julio Sanz, Jordi Sastre, Leticia Tarruell

In the evening of June 4, 2015 we observed the first degenerate gas in Spain: a BEC of 41K atoms. The apparatus is designed to cool as well the other potassium isotopes.

Current ICFO team (clockwise from back to front): L. Tarruell, P. Cheiney, C. Cabrera, J. Sastre, L. Tanzi, J. Sanz.
Former members: M. Bosch, V. Lienhard, L. Saemisch.

Posted: 21 Jun 2015     Date: 04 Jun 2015

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