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MolBEC in Einstein's birthplace

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First observation: MolBEC!

Group: Denschlag

Authors and contributors: Benjamin Deissler, Thomas Paintner, Daniel Hoffmann, Wolfgang Limmer, Wladimir Schoch, Johannes Hecker Denschlag

On the afternoon of January 28, 2014, we successfully produced the first molecular BEC of Li2 atoms with our apparatus. The apparatus has a standard design for lithium: Oven, Zeeman slower, MOT, single beam dipole trap. The images show the momentum distribution at a homogeneous magnetic field of 760 G. From right to left, the depth of the dipole trap is reduced, leading to the distinctive bimodal distribution. For small trap depths (far right), a quasi-pure molecular BEC remains.
This is the first molecular BEC in Einstein's birthplace of Ulm, Germany.

The team:

Posted: 27 May 2014     Date: 28 Jan 2014

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