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Li Fermi gas

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First observation: DFG!

Group: Zimmermann

Authors and contributors: S. G√ľnther, C. Silber, C. Marzok, B. Deh, Ph.W. Courteille, C. Zimmermann

We have now (4. march 2005) brought the 6Li cloud to Fermi degeneracy. The picture shows a cloud of Li atoms trapped in a magnetic field. The picture has been taken in-situ. The Rb cloud is now at approximately 500 nK. The Fermi degeneracy reveals itself via a limit to the size of the cloud: Cooling the Rb cloud further does not reduce the size of the Li cloud.

Description of the apparatus and experimental details are available on our website.

Posted: 02 Feb 2007     Date: 04 Mar 2005

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