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Orsay Special

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Group: Aspect/Bouyer

Authors and contributors: William Guérin, J-F Riou, Y. Le Coq, M. Fauquembergue, A. Aspect, P. Bouyer

Our latest BEC is born tonight.
It weight 106 × 85.4678 amu and is beautifully cold.
In rests now quietly in its ferromagnetic trap.

Posted: 16 Mar 2006     Date: 29 Nov 2003

Guided atom laser

Updated: 17 Mar 2006

RF extraction of F=1 atoms in our hybrid magnetic + optical trap leads to a guided atom laser with a tunable wavelength. Contributors: W. Guerin, J-F Riou, V. Josse, A. Aspect, P. Bouyer

Workshop on Quantum State Engineering
29 Mar 2017
Hannover, Germany
PQI 2017
26 Apr 2017
Pittsburgh Quantum Institute

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