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Iced Haggis

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First observation: BEC!

Group: Riis/Arnold

Authors and contributors: Craig Garvie (PhD student), Erling Riis and Aidan Arnold

It's just got that wee bit colder in Scotland, and it's mid-summer and all. On the 24th of June 2003 we crossed the BEC phase transition at Strathclyde, with 2 105 87Rb atoms in the |2,2> state in the BEC.
The BEC was formed in a localised section of a 10cm diameter magnetic storage ring.

Posted: 05 Jul 2006     Date: 24 Jun 2003

BEC in a ring

Updated: 02 Sep 2005

Recent results on BEC propagation in the ring are given in condmat/0506142.

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