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BEC am Bodensee

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First observation: BEC!

Group: Oberthaler

Authors and contributors: Bernd Eiermann, Thomas Anker, Karen Forberich, Philipp Treutlein, Markus Oberthaler.

[Historical report created from GSU BEC Homepage:]

"On the 7th of December a cool and early Christmas present has materialized in our lab: a 87Rb condensate.

The condensate was realized with a "standard" BEC setup: Rubidium dispensers -> Funnel -> 3d-MOT -> TOP trap -> Condensate ( > 2 x 105 Rb atoms).

Figure above: Time of flight images (after 18ms free expansion) of the adiabatically expanded condensate (radial frequency 124Hz -> 15Hz in 2 sec) for the indicated different final rf frequencies.

The people who did the work:

  • Bernd Eiermann
  • Thomas Anker
  • Karen Forberich
  • Philipp Treutlein
  • Markus Oberthaler

Other people contributed to the experiment in the early stages:

  • Mary Jo Bellanca
  • Bjoern Brezger

We all thank Prof. Mlynek for his generous support."

Posted: 11 Aug 2005     Date: 12 Jul 2001

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