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2001/09/13: A Rb BEC in Gaithersburg BEC! Phillips   <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2001/07/12: BEC am Bodensee BEC! Oberthaler   <img src="flags/germany.gif">
2001/12/10: Rb Whopper at MIT BEC! Ketterle/Pritchard   <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2001/01/25: Observation of Fermi pressure in a gas of trapped atoms DFG! Hulet   <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2001/06/12: German Micro BEC at the Max Planck BEC! Hänsch/Reichel   <img src="flags/germany.gif">
2001/09/14: Special K BEC! Inguscio   <img src="flags/italy.gif">
2001/12/19: Another report from Japan BEC! Nakagawa   <img src="flags/japan.gif">
2001/05/03: Strine debut BEC! Close   <img src="flags/australia.gif">
2001/05/16: Vive la difference BEC! Salomon   <img src="flags/france.gif">
2001/06/08: German Micro BEC at Tübingen BEC! Zimmermann   <img src="flags/germany.gif">
2001/07/20: Quasipure Bose-Einstein condensate immersed in a Fermi sea DFG! Salomon   <img src="flags/france.gif">
2001/11/19: All-optical production of a degenerate Fermi gas DFG! Thomas   <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2001/12/22: Two-species mixture of quantum degenerate Bose and Fermi gases DFG! Ketterle/Pritchard   <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2001/01/12: It's freezing in Paris-Nord BEC! Lorent/Perrin   <img src="flags/france.gif">
2001/02/12: He has arrived BEC! Aspect/Westbrook   <img src="flags/france.gif">
2001/02/20: Helium work is really hopping in France BEC! Leduc/Cohen-Tannoudji   <img src="flags/france.gif">
2001/02/18: Grail in sight in Holy Land BEC! Davidson   <img src="flags/israel.gif">
2001/04/18: All-optical path to BEC passes through the Peach State BEC! Chapman   <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">

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