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2016/11/18: Coldest winter ever in Slovenia
BEC! Jeglič/Zupanič    <img src="flags/slovenia.gif">
2015/08/25: Yet another Rb-87 BEC in Urbana
BEC! Gadway    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2015/11/04: UK's first two-electron BEC at Durham
BEC! Cornish    <img src="flags/unitedkingdom.gif">
2015/06/04: A Spanish BEC
BEC! Tarruell    <img src="flags/spain.gif">
2015/05/29: All-optical BEC in Okazaki, Japan
BEC! Ohmori    <img src="flags/japan.gif">
2014/01/28: MolBEC in Einstein's birthplace
MolBEC! Denschlag    <img src="flags/germany.gif">
2013/05/18: BEC in Maine
BEC! Lundblad    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2012/04/11: Hong Kong has a BEC now
BEC! Wang    <img src="flags/hongkong.gif">
2012/03/08: First Erbium BEC
BEC! Ferlaino    <img src="flags/austria.gif">
2011/11/10: Dipolar DFG with Dy
DFG! Lev    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2012/01/07: 3rd BEC in Durham: Rb-85
BEC! Cornish    <img src="flags/unitedkingdom.gif">
2011/06/19: Dysprosium BEC
BEC! Lev    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2009/08/28: A Very Nice BEC
BEC! Labeyrie    <img src="flags/france.gif">
2009/10/13: 41K BEC in a triple species experiment
BEC! Zwierlein    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2009/02/27: The Legend of Zoran begins
BEC! Hadzibabic    <img src="flags/unitedkingdom.gif">
2010/06/09: Cesium BEC at Durham University
BEC! Cornish    <img src="flags/unitedkingdom.gif">
2009/11/01: BC BEC
BEC! McGuirk    <img src="flags/canada.gif">
2010/03/06: BEC of Rb-87 at Durham University
BEC! Cornish    <img src="flags/unitedkingdom.gif">
2009/11/18: First degenerate Fermi gas in the UK
DFG! Köhl    <img src="flags/unitedkingdom.gif">
2009/05/22: A buffer-gas cooled BEC of metastable Helium
BEC! Doyle    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2008/01/24: Molecular BEC in Heidelberg
MolBEC! Jochim    <img src="flags/germany.gif">
2008/04/15: BEC in Cambridge
BEC! Köhl    <img src="flags/unitedkingdom.gif">
2007/09/25: A Bose-Einstein condensate using all-optical techniques
BEC! Guery-Odelin    <img src="flags/france.gif">
2007/11/17: Chromium Bose Einstein Condensate
BEC! Gorceix    <img src="flags/france.gif">
2004/08/14: First quantum degenerate Fermi gas in Germany
DFG! Sengstock    <img src="flags/germany.gif">
2007/11/09: BEC of cesium atoms at the University of Chicago
BEC! Chin    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2007/08/30: First DFG in China
DFG! Zhang    <img src="flags/china.gif">
2007/07/14: First BEC @SUNY Stony Brook
BEC! Schneble    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2007/02/01: BEC at the University of Michigan
BEC! Raithel    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2007/04/01: Molecular Bose-Einstein Condensate at Swinburne
MolBEC! Hannaford    <img src="flags/australia.gif">
2007/04/11: BGU 1st BEC on an Atom Chip
BEC! Folman    <img src="flags/israel.gif">
2007/07/07: Bose-Einstein condensation of Rb
BEC! Zhang    <img src="flags/china.gif">
2004/03/16: BEC in the Celestial City
BEC! Chen Xu-Zong    <img src="flags/china.gif">
2007/03/02: First BEC in Poland
BEC! Gawlik    <img src="flags/poland.gif">
2004/08/11: Sodium BEC at Utrecht
BEC! Dijkhuis/van der Straten    <img src="flags/netherlands.gif">
2006/07/08: Degenerate Fermi Gases of Ytterbium
DFG! Takahashi    <img src="flags/japan.gif">
2003/04/30: Spin-Singlet Bose-Einstein Condensation of Two-Electron Atoms
BEC! Takahashi    <img src="flags/japan.gif">
2006/03/14: First Bose-Einstein condensate in Scandinavia
BEC! Budde    <img src="flags/denmark.gif">
2007/01/18: Condensation in the country of Satyendranath Bose
BEC! Unnikrishnan    <img src="flags/india.gif">
2006/10/16: The Copenhagen Interpretation
BEC! Polzik    <img src="flags/denmark.gif">
2006/12/02: First molecular Li BEC at the FeLiKx Project
MolBEC! Grimm    <img src="flags/austria.gif">
2006/04/25: BEC over troubled water?
BEC! Van Druten    <img src="flags/netherlands.gif">
2006/08/17: BEC on a chip goes wireless in Amsterdam
BEC! Spreeuw    <img src="flags/netherlands.gif">
2005/09/23: BEC emerges from the desert
    Addendum: Vortex lattice
BEC! Anderson    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2004/12/08: Rb Bose-Einstein condensate in a box
BEC! Raizen    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2004/03/19: First Bose-Einstein condensate in the new setup
BEC! Esslinger    <img src="flags/switzerland.gif">
2003/11/13: Bose-Einstein Condensation of Molecules
MolBEC! Grimm    <img src="flags/austria.gif">
2003/08/25: Two-Dimensional Bose-Einstein Condensate of Cesium
BEC! Grimm    <img src="flags/austria.gif">
2003/05/27: Bose-Einstein Condensation of Rubidium 87
BEC! Grimm    <img src="flags/austria.gif">
2005/03/04: Li Fermi gas
DFG! Zimmermann    <img src="flags/germany.gif">
2004/06/07: Bose-Einstein condensation of Rb
BEC! Zimmermann    <img src="flags/germany.gif">
2003/08/22: Bose-Einstein condensates on a microchip
BEC! Vuletic    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2005/12/01: He* BEC downunder
BEC! Truscott/Baldwin    <img src="flags/australia.gif">
2005/03/15: Our first observation of Bose Einstein condensation of 87Rb using an ‘Atom Chip’
BEC! Hannaford    <img src="flags/australia.gif">
2004/11/25: Bose-Einstein Condensation of Chromium atoms
    Addendum: Bose-Einstein condensation of chromium cont'd
BEC! Pfau    <img src="flags/germany.gif">
1996/05/20: Observation of Bose-Einstein Condensation in Lithium
BEC! Hulet    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
1995/07/12: Evidence for Bose-Einstein Condensation in Lithium
    Addendum: Erratum published in 1997
BEC! Hulet    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
1995/09/29: Bose-Einstein Condensation in Sodium
BEC! Ketterle    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
1995/06/05: Observation of BEC in a dilute gas
BEC! Cornell/Wieman    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2006/05/04: Experimental Realization of BEC at WSU
BEC! Engels    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2005/02/17: All-optical at JPL
BEC! Maleki    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2003/11/29: Orsay Special
    Addendum: Guided atom laser
BEC! Aspect/Bouyer    <img src="flags/france.gif">
2005/05/04: BEC at UVA
    Addendum: BEC in waveguide
BEC! Sackett    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2005/08/04: Fermi degenerate gas on a chip
DFG! Thywissen    <img src="flags/canada.gif">
2004/02/20: BEC (down) under a chip
BEC! Vale/Rubinsztein-Dunlop    <img src="flags/australia.gif">
2003/06/24: Iced Haggis
    Addendum: BEC in a ring
BEC! Riis/Arnold    <img src="flags/unitedkingdom.gif">
2005/08/15: First BEC observed in Illinois!
BEC! DeMarco    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2005/04/27: Little chip; big BEC.
BEC! Thywissen    <img src="flags/canada.gif">
2005/03/17: Nanokelvin of the North
BEC! Steinberg    <img src="flags/canada.gif">
2005/01/27: BEC of metastable helium
BEC! Vassen    <img src="flags/netherlands.gif">
2005/03/25: All optical BEC (by evaporation)
BEC! Lett    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2003/09/26: BEC at York
BEC! Wijngaarden    <img src="flags/canada.gif">
2002/09/01: BEC at Amherst
BEC! Hall    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2002/10/05: Elusive beast trapped at last
BEC! Grimm    <img src="flags/austria.gif">
2002/09/24: BEC on a chip in Boulder
BEC! Anderson/Cornell    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2002/09/23: Home of the Whopper
BEC! Sengstock    <img src="flags/germany.gif">
2002/05/13: BEC in Old Heidelberg
BEC! Schmiedmayer    <img src="flags/germany.gif">
2002/07/19: Brighton rocks
    Addendum: We've moved!
BEC! Hinds    <img src="flags/unitedkingdom.gif">
2002/07/08: Lucky five
BEC! Mukai    <img src="flags/japan.gif">
2002/03/19: First in China
BEC! Wang    <img src="flags/china.gif">
2001/12/10: Rb Whopper at MIT
BEC! Ketterle/Pritchard    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2002/03/12: Formula One comes to Oxford
BEC! Foot    <img src="flags/unitedkingdom.gif">
2001/12/19: Another report from Japan
BEC! Nakagawa    <img src="flags/japan.gif">
2001/07/12: BEC am Bodensee
BEC! Oberthaler    <img src="flags/germany.gif">
2001/09/13: A Rb BEC in Gaithersburg
BEC! Phillips    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2001/09/14: Special K
BEC! Inguscio    <img src="flags/italy.gif">
2001/06/12: German Micro BEC at the Max Planck
BEC! Hänsch/Reichel    <img src="flags/germany.gif">
2001/06/08: German Micro BEC at Tübingen
BEC! Zimmermann    <img src="flags/germany.gif">
2001/05/16: Vive la difference
BEC! Salomon    <img src="flags/france.gif">
2001/05/03: Strine debut
BEC! Close    <img src="flags/australia.gif">
2001/04/18: All-optical path to BEC passes through the Peach State
BEC! Chapman    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2001/02/18: Grail in sight in Holy Land
BEC! Davidson    <img src="flags/israel.gif">
2001/02/20: Helium work is really hopping in France
BEC! Leduc/Cohen-Tannoudji    <img src="flags/france.gif">
2001/02/12: He has arrived
BEC! Aspect/Westbrook    <img src="flags/france.gif">
2001/01/12: It's freezing in Paris-Nord
BEC! Lorent/Perrin    <img src="flags/france.gif">
1998/05/11: Report from École Normale Supérieure
BEC! Dalibard    <img src="flags/france.gif">
2000/07/19: Third Japanese condensate
BEC! Hirano    <img src="flags/japan.gif">
1999/11/21: A Pisa the action
BEC! Arimondo    <img src="flags/italy.gif">
1999/07/01: Dutch treat
BEC! Walraven    <img src="flags/netherlands.gif">
1999/06/23: Florentines Produce a New Form of Gelato
BEC! Inguscio    <img src="flags/italy.gif">
1999/03/29: A rubidium condensate at Oxford
BEC! Foot    <img src="flags/unitedkingdom.gif">
1998/12/30: Now Kyoto
BEC! Takahashi/Yabuzaki    <img src="flags/japan.gif">
1998/12/16: Sweet Sixteen
BEC! Kuga    <img src="flags/japan.gif">
1998/09/22: Cool Brittania
BEC! Boshier    <img src="flags/unitedkingdom.gif">
1998/08/25: Now Playing in New Zealand
BEC! Wilson    <img src="flags/newzealand.gif">
1998/08/05: BEC at the University of Hannover
BEC! Ertmer    <img src="flags/germany.gif">
1998/06/24: Hydrogen BEC at MIT
BEC! Kleppner/Greytak    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
1998/02/26: BEC at NIST Gaithersburg
BEC! Phillips    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
1998/01/23: Bavarian Breakthrough
BEC! Hänsch    <img src="flags/germany.gif">
1997/09/17: Now playing in Europe
BEC! Rempe    <img src="flags/germany.gif">
1997/07/10: Stanford group weighs in
    Addendum: Published in Physical Review A
BEC! Kasevich    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
1997/07/02: BEC observation at the Rowland Inst.
BEC! Hau    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
1997/05/20: BEC observed at the University of Texas
BEC! Heinzen    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2002/10/07: BEC at ETH
BEC! Esslinger    <img src="flags/switzerland.gif">
1998/07/08: BEC in 87Rb - A new Aspect
BEC! Aspect/Bouyer    <img src="flags/france.gif">
2001/12/22: Two-species mixture of quantum degenerate Bose and Fermi gases
    Addendum: Published in Physical Review Letters
DFG! Ketterle/Pritchard    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2002/05/01: Fermi-Bose quantum degenerate K-40-Rb-87 mixture with attractive interaction
    Addendum: Published in Physical Review Letters
DFG! Inguscio    <img src="flags/italy.gif">
2001/11/19: All-optical production of a degenerate Fermi gas
    Addendum: Published in Physical Review Letters
DFG! Thomas    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
2001/07/20: Quasipure Bose-Einstein condensate immersed in a Fermi sea
    Addendum: Published in Physical Review Letters
DFG! Salomon    <img src="flags/france.gif">
2001/01/25: Observation of Fermi pressure in a gas of trapped atoms
DFG! Hulet    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">
1999/07/19: Onset of Fermi degeneracy in a trapped atomic gas
DFG! Jin    <img src="flags/unitedstates.gif">

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