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Postdoc position on Novel Phases of Matter in Topological Lattices

Aalto University, Finland

The groups of Päivi Törmä and Ari Harju at Aalto University, Finland are searching for a postdoctoral researcher. The project investigates theoretically and computationally the role of interactions in topologically non-trivial lattice geometries. In the non-interacting case, such lattices have been recently realized experimentally in ultracold quantum gases. A rich variety of novel phases of matter is expected when interactions are taken into account. We are especially interested in investigating phases with relation to the previous strong research lines of our groups, such as exotic and high-temperature superfluidity, fractional quantum Hall states, and special, e.g. non-Abelian, quasiparticles. The topic is also linked to the ERC AdG project of P. Törmä. The methods to be used range from single-particle techniques via mean-field treatments of the interaction effects to dynamical mean-field theory (DMFT) and exact diagonalization (ED). The groups have computer codes related to all of these, but the task of the postdoc will be to implement extensions needed for the particular studies of topological lattices. The systems of interest are chosen so that direct predictions for and comparison with experiments can be made; in this respect ultracold gases are highly interesting since a variety of lattice geometries and tunable interactions are available. Within the project, it is possible to collaborate with leading experimental and theory groups in the field ultracold quantum gases. We search for a postdoc candidate with prior experience on numerical methods of quantum many-body physics, preferably either DMFT or exact diagonalization methods. We also expect a solid knowledge of many-body quantum physics and related analytical techniques. The position is shared by Törmä’s and Harju’s groups, and the postdoc will belong to both. The postdoc is expected to benefit from their complementary expertise and to strengthen the link between them. More information at: The starting date is flexible but spring 2015 is preferred. Length of the contract is typically 2 years and the salary is €43 000–48 000/year depending on experience. Please submit your application using the online form found at and also notify P. Törmä and A. Harju by email (, that you have applied; if you need more information please contact these addresses.

Closing Date
31 Jan 2015

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