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PhD position on ultracold Lithium-Cesium mixtures

MUARC, University of Nottingham

We are pleased to announce the availability of a PhD position in the group of Ultracold Mixtures at the University of Nottingham to be filled asap. We have recently created a large BEC of lithium-2 molecules and are currently working on adding cesium atoms and the creation of an additional cesium BEC. LiCs molecules are extremely interesting candidates for the study of groundstate molecules since these molecules have the largest dipole moment among all available alkali-combinations. Experiments with groundstate molecules close to absolute zero are expected to lead to new exciting physics and the observation of new quantum phases due to longrange interactions and the dipolar nature of the quantum gas.

The PhD program at the University of Nottingham includes postgraduate courses ( as well as regular summer schools and workshops. The group is part of the Midlands Ultracold Atom Research Centre (MUARC), which brings together theoretical and experimental researchers from cold atoms, quantum optics, quantum information and condensed matter physics.

We are looking for a highly motivated person with a strong background in quantum physics and a passion for experimental physics. If you would like to work on cutting edge physics in an international research team (consisting of two postdocs and PhD students), please contact Lucia Hackermueller (

Closing Date
15 Sep 2014

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