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Research Fellow in experimental Atomic Physics and Ultracold Mixtures

MUARC - Midlands Ultracold Atom Research Centre, University of Nottingham

A suitably qualified and experienced individual is required to carry out research on experimental Atomic Physics and Ultracold Bose Fermi mixtures. The research is part of a project investigating transport and localisation in ultracold quantum gases, especially a caesium BEC with lithium impurities. Candidates must have a PhD in physics and experience with experimental manipulation of ultra cold atomic gases, atomic physics and quantum optics. They should be confident, have good communication skills and enjoy working with a variety of different people across discipline boundaries. The role will require the candidates to actively contribute to the research activities of the ultracold mixtures group at the University of Nottingham. For more information contact or visit

Closing Date
28 Feb 2014

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