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Post-doctoral position: Theoretical Ultracold Atoms

Poland, Krakow, Institute of Physics, Jagiellonian University

Applications are invited for a postdoc position in the theory group of Jakub Zakrzewski. Our research concentrates on modelling cold quantum gases physics in traps and optical lattices with current interests involving orbital physics, excitations in many body systems, finite temperature effects, dynamics and approach towards equilibrium. Effects induced by disorder are also of prime interest. (see or for more info) The group consists presently of two professors (Jakub Zakrzewski, Krzysztof Sacha), a post-doc and 7 PhD students, the successful candidate is expected to interact vigorously both with the old and the young members of the group. Applicants should contact me directly at providing: 1. Curriculum vitae 2. List of publications 3. 1, max.2 pages stating research interests and possible overlap with interests of our group. 4. Name and email addresses of two potential referees The postdoc position is for 1 year, renewable, starting September 2014 (this is negotiable, earlier appointment may be difficult due to the scheduled transfer of the Department to a new location in summer). The deadline for applications is end of March 2014. Later applications will be considered if the position is not filled by that time.

Closing Date
31 Mar 2014

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