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Postdoctoral position on “quantum simulators with ultracold atoms”

Institut d'Optique in Bordeaux

Ultracold atoms are nowadays systems of choice for building artificial quantum materials, in which fundamental properties, as in condensed matter physics for instance, can be simulated in a highly controlled environment. The project objective is the simulation of two-dimensional electronic systems using ultracold fermionic atoms trapped in an optical lattice. This is based on a new experimental setup developed in Bordeaux, whose specificity is the detection of single atoms in an optical lattice sites. Using this device phenomena such as quantum magnetism, superfluidity and the effects of disorder in strongly correlated systems will be studied. The behavior of a fermionic quantum gas confined in a two-dimensional lattice is described by the Fermi-Hubbard Hamiltonian. In the latter, atoms in two different spin states (experimentally, two internal states of potassium) can move from one site to another via tunneling and interaction is significant when they occupy the same well. This apparently simple model is central to the description of strongly correlated materials. Depending on the sign and strength of the interactions, as well as the geometry and filling the lattice is expected to lead to ferromagnetic or antiferromagnetic phases, magnetic frustration phenomena, phase transitions, quantum superfluid behavior .. . These phenomena will be characterized precisely thanks to high-resolution imaging. The construction of an experimental setup specifically adapted to the production and characterization of two-dimensional quantum gases in optical lattices is at the heart of the project. The design of this follow three guidelines: simplicity and flexibility, the development of a system for trapping atom and imaging them at high-resolution imaging (single atoms level) and the interplay between optical lattice and disordered potential.

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31 Dec 2013


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