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Post Doc: Superconductiong Atom Chip


We invite applicants for a position in research with ultra cold matter at the Post Doctoral level. The successfull canidate will work at the Center for Quantum Technology in Singapore in the research group of Rainer Dumke hosted on the NTU "garden" campus. The position is extendable up to three years. We are a young and energetic group with sufficient funding to actively support new ideas which could lead to independent research projects. The candidate will play a leading role in the research project focusing on superconducting atom chips. (For more details on the project please refer to our website The responsibilities are reaching from the daily project work to representing the research on meetings/conferences all over the world. This position requires a PhD with a research focus on ultra cold atoms or ions. If you fulfill the requirements and have further questions please send an email to:

Closing Date
01 Apr 2011

Quantum Thermodynamics: Thermalization and Fluctuations
27 Sep 2017
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University, Japan
ICQSIM 2017 International Conference on Quantum Simulation
13 Nov 2017
Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, France

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