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Ghosh group

Physics Department, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi


We have been working on the following subtopics in cold atomic physics 1. Ultra cold atoms under the action of synthetic gauge field ( abelian and non-abelian): Vortices 3. Investigation in super-solid phase with ultra-cold atoms 4. Ultra cold atoms loaded a optical cavity Here are links to some recent interesting publications: Kaleidoscope image in Physical Review A, June (2012) Link: Kaleidoscope image in Physical Review A, January (2012) Link: Vortices in a supersolid See the paper in See our recent work (with Bikash Padhi) Synthetic Landau Levels of Ultra Cold Fermions in a cavity spin-orbit coupled BEC in cavity

Permanent researchers and staff
Sankalpa Ghosh (PI) Former Graduate Student: Dr. Rashi Sachdeva (Ultra cold supersolid phase presence of Gauge field, currently in Okinawa Insitute of Science and Technology) Dr. Jasleen Lugani (Now in France ). Current Graduate student Inderpreet Kaur Former Master's and Undergraduate Project students : Adhip Agarwal and Madhurima Nath (2011-2012), Akshay Kumar ( 2010-2011), Gangandeep Singh and G. Bhubanesh ( 2009-2010), Sonika Johri, Kanchan Gehlot and Vishwanath Shukla (2008-2009), Chaitanya Joshi (2007-2008), Emroj Hossain (2013-2014), Bikash Padhi (2012-2014) Rahul Walia ( 2014-2015)

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