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Pillet group

CNRS, Univ. Paris Sud


Experiments: cold molecules; BEC of caesium; cold Rydberg gases and ultracold plasmas; Stark deceleration of Rydberg molecules. Theory: Control of collision dynamics by laser pulses - photoassociation; control of interactions in an atomic BEC; control of interaction in 3-body collisions - formation of triatomic molecules; electronic structures - Feshbach resonances.

Permanent researchers and staff
Experiments: Pierre Pillet, Daniel Comparat, Nicolas Vanhaecke Theory: Mireille Aymar, Nadia Bouloufa, Anne Crubellier, Olivier Dulieu, Eliane Luc-Koenig, Fran├žoise Masnou-Seeuws

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14 Jan 2018
Bad Honnef, Germany
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10 Feb 2018
Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland

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