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Workshop on Quantum State Engineering

29 Mar 2017 - 31 Mar 2017
Hannover, Germany


  • Dissipative quantum systems
  • Quantum simulation
  • Rydberg atoms
  • Nitrogen-Vacancy centers

Invited Speakers

  • Nir Bar-Gill (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
  • Hans Peter Büchler (University of Stuttgart)
  • Michael Fleischhauer (University of Kaiserslautern)
  • Christian Groß (MPQ)
  • Klemens Hammerer (Leibniz University Hannover)
  • Mikhail Lemeshko (IST Austria)
  • Igor Lesanovsky (University of Nottingham)
  • Mikhail Lukin (Harvard University)*
  • Klaus Mølmer (Aarhus University)
  • Beatriz Olmos (University of Nottingham)
  • Silke Ospelkaus (Leibniz University Hannover)
  • Tilman Pfau (University of Stuttgart)
  • Ana Maria Rey (JILA)
  • Luis Santos (Leibniz University Hannover)
  • Matthias Weidemüller (Heidelberg University)
  • Jörg Wrachtrup (University of Stuttgart)
  • Peter Zoller (University of Innsbruck / IQOQI)*

* to be confirmed

For more information, visit
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