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Quantum dynamics: from models to materials

15 Jan 2017 - 21 Jan 2017
Aspen Center of Physics

This Aspen winter meeting will bring together leading practitioners in the respective communities for a coherent push on the non-equilibrium frontier. A detailed description of the content of the workshop, as well as the current list of invited speakers, can be found on our website.

We plan to have poster session and a limited number of contributed talks. We encourage participants to submit abstracts for potential contributions. Funds are available for participants who would otherwise not be able to participate (especially junior participants and scientists from far abroad). If you need financial support, please indicate this on your application form. The application deadline is Oct 31.

Organizers Anushya Chandran, Roderich Moessner, Daniel Podolsky and Ulrich Schneider

For more information, visit
Quantum dynamics: from models to materials Homepage

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