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Equations of state in quantum many-body systems

30 May 2016 - 01 Jun 2016
ECT, Trento, Italy

The Workshop aims to bring together researchers actively involved in the investigation of the equation of state in a variety of quantum many-body systems ranging from ultra-cold atoms, nuclear matter and high-pressure hydrogen. The goal of this interdisciplinary initiative is to focus on common threads and methodologies, both at the experimental and theoretical level, and to allow for a fruitful exchange of ideas and perspectives.

Topics: Mixtures of quantum gases, strongly interacting Fermi gases, low-dimensional quantum gases, dense hadronic matter, neutron stars, solid and liquid phases of hydrogen at high pressures, metallic phase of hydrogen, interiors of giant planets.

A preliminary list of speakers includes: D. Ceperley, A. Drago, L. Fabbietti, S. Gandolfi, S. Jochim, M. Knudson, B. Militzer, C. Pierleoni, G. Prodi, N. Prokof’ev, G. Pupillo, C. Salomon, K. Schmidt, G. Shlyapnikov, S. Sorella, J. Struck, M. Zaccanti.

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