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Cold Atoms Meet High Energy Physics

22 Jun 2015 - 25 Jun 2015
Trento ECT* (European Center for Theoretical Research in Nuclear Physics and Related Areas)

The aim of the workshop is to favor joint collaborative discussions and exchange of strategies among physicists belonging to the communities of ultra cold atomic physics and high energy physics. Main focus will be on theoretical issues of joint interest as well as on the experimental implementation in ultra cold atomic gases of basic concepts of elementary particle physics.

The electronic poster of the workshop, with a preliminary list of speakers, is available here. Interested people are kindly asked to fill the application form available at this link. The deadline for the application is April 29th.

During the workshop there will be also a Poster session during which participants can present a poster (size A0 vertical). I kindly ask you to insert your poster title directly in the registration form, in the field: “special requirements”. According to the standard format of the ECT workshops the total number of participants is limited to about 50 people.

For more information, visit
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