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Disorder in Condensed Matter and Ultracold Atoms

09 Jun 2013 - 14 Jun 2013
Villa Monastero (Varenna, Italy)

Disorder is a central topic in many areas of physics, including condensed-matter physics, optics, acoustics, seismology, and atomic physics. Landmark progress realized in the most recent years in all these areas paves the way to new challenges and opportunites. For instance, the difficult problem of the interplay of disorder and interactions, initially adressed in Condensed Matter witnesses a renewed interest in the context of Ultracold Atoms, where joint theoretical and experimental is particularly fruitful.

The aim of this conference is to bring together internationally-renowned specialists and young researchers from both communities of Condensed-Matter physics and Ultracold Atoms, experimentalists and theoreticians. We expect emergence of new promising challenges, fruitful discussions, and cross fertilization of ideas, both on the experimental and on the theoretical sides.

This conference is the second of a series, initiated in Cargèse (Corsica, France) in 2011, in the form of the Summer School Disordered Systems: From Condensed-Matter Physics to Ultracold Atomic Gases.

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