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MUARC Summer school on Advanced Techniques in Atomic Physics

22 Aug 2010 - 27 Aug 2010
Ardencote Manor, Warwick, United Kingdom

The school is intended to enable advanced graduate students or early post-docs to target the next step in their career. The idea is to provide a first step into new scientific topics and the associated techniques at the interface of Cold Atoms and Quantum Optics. Each scientific topic will be given at least 4 hours, of which 50% are dedicated to the techniques and real-world challenges. In addition we will offer perspectives in funding and careers beyond science in a set of hour-long lectures. The school size of 50 students is designed to allow lots of opportunities for face-to-face interactions with the lecturers.

* Quantum Control, P. Jessen, Arizona State University
* Rydberg Bose-Einstein Condensates, R. Loew, University of Stuttgart
* Atom Chip Technology, J. Schmiedmayer, University of Vienna (tbc)
* Optical Lattices and Quantum Simulators, Brian de Marco, University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign)
* Quantum Memories, Joerg-Helge Mueller, Niels-Bohr Institute (Copenhagen)
* Cold Atom Theory, G. Shlyapnikov, LPTMS, University Paris-Sud
* Projected Gross-Pitaevskii Methods, M. Fromhold, University of Nottingham, R. Scott, University of Trento
* Keldysh Formalism, A. Kamanev, University of Minnesota

Career Advancement:
* Scientific Publishing, M. Chiao, Senior Editor, Nature Physics
* EU Fellowships, X. Rodde, University of Birmingham
* Lasers for Science and Beyond, J. Stuhler, Toptica Photonics
* Careers for Physicists, V. Fox, Institute of Physics
* Physicists in Finance, J. James, Citibank, Foreign Exchange Division

For more information, visit
MUARC Summer school on Advanced Techniques in Atomic Physics Homepage

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