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Les Houches PreDoc school

27 Sep 2009 - 09 Oct 2009
Les Houches, France

Application deadline: June 30, 2009.

Ultracold Quantum Gases of Atoms and Molecules

It consists in a two week master course on the physics of dilute atomic and molecular quantum systems. The course is targeted at the advanced undergraduate level and emphasizes formal lectures building on textbook knowledge. This goal meets the requirements of the Les Houches pre-doctoral school program. The course is intended for PhD students in their first or second year. Undergraduates at the European Masters level who are planning a PhD study are also invited to apply. Young post-docs entering the field can also apply.

The lectures will be given (in English) by:
- Michèle Leduc (1 lecture) Kick-off talk : Overview of Laser Cooling and BEC
- Jook Walraven (5 lectures) Thermodynamic and collisional properties of quantum gases
- Mikhail Baranov (5 lectures) Superfluidity in Fermi systems - Georgy Shlyapnikov (4 lectures) Superfluidity in Bose gases
- Giovanni Modugno (5 lectures) Atoms in Optical Lattices
- Olivier Dulieu (4 lectures) Cold Molecules : Theory
- Roland Wester (3 lectures) Cold Molecules : Experiments
- Franscesca Ferlaino (3 lectures) Feshbach
spectroscopy and BEC-BCS crossover physics - Tilman Pfau (2 lectures) Dipolar atomic quantum gases - Matthias Weidemüller (2 lectures) Dipolar molecular quantum gases
- Michel Brune (4 lectures) Quantum Information

For more information, visit
Les Houches PreDoc school Homepage

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