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Quantum-Atom Optics beyond Bells

27 Nov 2008 - 29 Nov 2008
Lorne, Victoria, Australia

A workshop organised and hosted by ACQAO, the ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum Atom Optics.

This meeting is devoted to recent advances in quantum optics and ultracold quantum gases, both experimental and theoretical. It will be held in Lorne on Victoria's surf coast, on the world-renowned Great Ocean Road. It is timed to precede the Austrailan Institute of Physics Congress in Adelaide the following week.

  • Quantum optics and atom optics
  • Atom-light entanglement
  • Bose Einstein condensates
  • Degenerate Fermi gases
  • Atom lasers
  • Atom chips
  • Atom interferometry
  • Molecular BECs
  • Bosons and fermions in lattices
  • Precision measurements using cold atoms
  • and other related topics

For more information, visit
Quantum-Atom Optics beyond Bells Homepage

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