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Quantum Atom Optics Downunder

04 Dec 2007 - 07 Dec 2007
Wollongong, Australia

This will be the first conference devoted to the overlap of Quantum and Atom Optics - providing new fundamental insights and experimental realizations of concepts common to both fields. This conference will bring together key researchers from across the world to discuss the latest results in areas such as:

  • Statistical effects and correlations in ultracold quantum gases - including BEC's, atom lasers and degenerate Fermi gases
  • The generation and measurement of macroscopic quantum states
  • Optical entanglement and quantum imaging
  • Applications of atom-light entanglement including quantum communication
  • Quantum properties of lattices and periodic systems

Deadline: July 26, 2007, 12:00 p.m. noon EDT [16.00 GMT]
Author Notifications: Week of September 14, 2007
Early-Bird Registration Deadline: October 23, 2007

For more information, visit
Quantum Atom Optics Downunder Homepage


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