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CIAR meeting on Quantum Simulation

22 Feb 2007 - 24 Feb 2007
Vancouver, Canada

Cold atoms, molecules, and ions are candidate systems for quantum simulation (QSim) of particular problems. Unlike universal quantum computing, QSim seems feasible in the near term with tens to thousands of particles. This meeting will discuss this exciting possibility, what problems can be approached this way, and what obstacles lay in our path.

Speakers include Berkland, Buchler, Feder, Gottesman, Greiner, Monroe, Lukin, Paramekanti, O'Hara, Porto, Raussendorf, Rey, Schaetz, Vidal, and Weiss. The meeting is organized by K. Madison and J.H. Thywissen, and sponsored by the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIAR). Registration is limited.

“I want to talk about the possibility that there is to be an exact simulation, that the computer will do exactly the same as nature.” [Feynmann, “Physics of Computation” conference, May ‘81, MIT]

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